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Precision-Wall Clock “A. Liszt in Wien”

Präzisions-Wanduhr A Liszt in Wien

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Vienna, second quarter of the 19th century

Anton Liszt
Vienna, Graz, mentioned 1828–68
polished mahogany veneer, maple stripe inlay, fine carvings in the upper and lower part
Graham escapement, indication of seconds, big ground wheel, duration of one month
59 cm

Anton Liszt, is among the most important Austrian clockmakers of the first half of the 19th century. He operated his workshop in the center of Vienna, by the “Neuer Markt”-square. Born in 1799 in St. Georgen im Leithagebirge, he became a master craftsman in 1828 and died in 1876 in Vienna. In 1845, he displayed “pendulum clocks with monthly and fortnightly movements” at the 3rd general Austrian trade exhibition in Vienna. (Bericht über die dritte allgemeine österreichische Gewerbe-Ausstellung in Wien 1845, Vienna 1846, vol. 3, p. 119 and 883.) Beautifully patterned, veneered, polished and maple mahogany adorns the noble case of this Viennese regulator. The glazed frame of the dial is elegantly curved. The volute gable is accentuated with carved decoration. The enamel dial with Roman numerals and minute dial has a small indication of seconds. The movement with Graham escapement and large ground wheel has the duration of one month.